New Hope In The Lord
       International Ministries

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New York, USA 10595              Phone: (914) 948-4481

For the last 40 years, Rev. Cohen has been preaching the Word of God. His messages to the body of Christ are uplifting, encouraging, challenging and convicting. Signs and wonder frequently follow his preaching. The Holy Spirit has led him to Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, Puerto Rico, and many states to minister God's Word.

Up until 34 years of age, he was deeply emotionally and physically in bondage to sin. All kinds of drugs, including alcohol and pills went into his body continually. His addiction to gambling caused him great emotional pain. Eventually, being emotionally and physically exhausted, he could no longer take it, and fear, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, and depression began to control him.

Joseph wrote a suicide note, tried to kill himself. He did not know that God allowed him to live because He had a plan for his life. God's plan was for him to be a preacher of the Gospel.

On January 8th, 1978 in his home, he came to faith in Jesus as his Messiah. Instantly, God broke all the emotional and physical bondages, and set him free. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit broke the fetters, chains and shackles that were leading him to destruction. All of his drugs went down the toilet and the desire to gamble was taken away.

John 8:36 states, "He who the Son sets free is free indeed."