Canadian Office

Reverend Ed Bull
Rev. Bull — in front of the church he used to attend Sunday School as a young boy in Montreal West. In April 2006, Rev. Bull returned to Montreal to assist Rev. Cohen with his meetings.

In 1988, God used Rev. Bull to open doors for Rev. Cohen to minister in Montreal and surrounding towns. They met at a weekend meeting in upstate New York.

Over the last 8 years, Rev. Bull has been ministering with Rev. Cohen. His travels have taken him to Venezuela, Johnstown PA, upstate and downstate New York. In Canada: Kingston, Ontario; St. Hubert, Quebec; Montreal, Quebec; and Laval, Quebec. He has been used mightily by God with the gift of healing, especially backs, necks, legs and feet.

Before retiring, he worked in an x-ray department in Lachine, Quebec. Now he’s working full-time for God. He has been Born Again for 25 years and currently resides in the beautiful town of Penticton B.C. Canada.

His e-mail address is Rev. Bull welcomes your prayer requests and will stop whatever he’s doing to pray for them. If you need counseling, he’s there for you. He is a fine teacher and preacher and welcomes speaking engagements. He has taught young men and has ministered to congregations.