Prayer Requests


Haley Wilson 10 year old -cancer of lymph nodes
Barbara & Jake – marriage difficulties
Joe Cohen – Healing of broken shoulder
Victor Cucolo – Dr’s wisdom for right Kemo
Haley Wilson 10 years old – healing and deliverance from lymphoma cancer
Mike P. – Back
Ronnie L. – Glaucoma
Harley Vasquez — Type 1 diabetes
Barbara Gardner — Strength
Catherine G — spreading of cancer
Sue D — Healing of kidneys
Lee —conviction, excessive sin of self-indulgence
Cheryl H. — Diabetes
Emily Sierra — Infection in the blood
Robert G.— Liver Transplant

Clearice H. — Cancer

Mattie — Comma- 3 months

Mary C. — swollen rt. Ankle/stroke/high blood pressure
Pastor Bradley — prostrate cancer
Pastor Gary — break through
Cynthia V. — M.D.
Sony — stomach problems
Edm-lymphonic cancer arm/stomach
Evylyn — healing from source causing her pain
Juliette — throat cancer

Lindsay — cervical cancer
Doll Azzolino-cancer near liver
Victor C — healing cancer on coccyx bone
Trevor Bower — diabetes/complications
Roy Wilson — deliverance from demonic depression
Paul & Joan Iorizzo-recovery healing from cancer
Linda Iorizzo-recovery-cancer & chemo, radiation
Barry H. — stomach cancer

Jim Iorizzo-boldness, wisdom, & peace
James — suffers from Vietnam stress syndrome
Jason — deliverance from addictions

For Salvation:

Donald B. Heikel & Evan
Howard/Alexis/Stanley C.
Irving & Edith Binger
Eli, Robbie M., Bill
Robert G’s wife
Danielle, Catherine G.
Kathy A.
Karen M.
Karl S,Fran,Marvin,Dan L
Ann Lax

PS: Anybody wanting person prayer, you can write:

Mr. Ed Bull
304-374 Winnipeg
Penticton, BC V2A5M5 Canada

Mail is 60 cents postage.

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