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Reverend Joseph Cohen’s Testimony

‘Messiah is Alive!’ Heart knowledge of Jesus as Messiah changes the life as well as the countenance of Joseph Cohen…. Over three and one-half million copies of the book Two Men From Eden written by Morris Cerullo were sent to as many homes of Jewish families throughout the United States in 1978. As a result thousands of ...

God verses Tradition

GOD & THE BIBLE VERSUS RELIGION & TRADITION (THE BATTLE OF THE AGES) I wonder how many people who said the Bible was written by man and not inspired by God have actually read it. How can one have an opinion on something they’ve never read? Yet, millions have pierced themselves with many sorrows ...

Seasonal Thoughts

Seasonal Thoughts I’m so thankful to Jesus for His obedience to God the Father. He was asked to leave glory and dwell with man on earth for 33 _ years. He knows about being lonely. He suffered ridicule, mocking, pain, persecution, and death like no other person ever has. He did it ...

Children Thrown Away

Children, Things We Throw Away By Rev. Cohen We live in an opinionated society. Everybody has an opinion on everything. Abortion which is our current (civil war), is just one of those issues. Yet I believe abortion is the issue that is tearing apart our country more than any other. The truth is, it doesnt matter at ...

Where is Our Country Going?

As we are in this new year, unanswered questions are in the minds of many people. Political, social, and economic affairs in this country seem to be on an unstable downward path. All of a sudden things that many have put their faith and trust in have become very shaky : fear is griping the ...

Removing Christian Symbols

Symbols or no Symbols, is that the real issue? The last couple of years weve seen Court Cases deciding whether or not one can have religious symbols on public or village property. One town is told by the courts it can have its crche displayed on village property, while another town is told it can’t have ...

Hell and the Lake of Fire

Be Not Deceived, Hell and the Lake of Fire are Real. There are groups that call themselves Christians and non-Christians, whose doctrines are made up of a little truth and lots of deception. Their doctrines arent mandated through the Holy Spirit by the prophets of old. Their doctrines arent biblical, and the author of them is ...

Whose Land Is It?

Whose Land Is It? The Jews, Palestinians, or Both By Rev. Joseph Cohen In order to answer that question one must know who owns the land. According to the God of the Bible, the earth is owned by the Lord and everything in it. Psalm 24:1, Ezekiel 38:16. God declares that Israel is His land and the Jews ...


Walking Through Hell

I WALKED IN HELL There is Life After Death and I was there! By Aline Baxley After a terrible automobile accident, Aline Baxley lay in a come while her sister and her mother travailed in prayer for her. Then she stopped breathing, and for four minutes doctors could find no signs of life in her body. However, ...


Don’t be Left Behind

Don’t be left behind, Jesus is coming again. The Bible tells us over 300 times of the Second Coming of Jesus. Everyone should take the Bible seriously, because many of the Bible prophecies have taken place in this century. For example: 1) Israel would become a nation (Matthew 24:32-51). This took place May 14, 1948, after nearly ...


What the Koran Says

What Does The Koran Say About The Bible And Jesus by Kerby Rials In Sura 5:50-51 (46-47) Allah says, “And We caused Jesus, son of Mary, to follow in their footsteps, confirming that which was revealed before him and We bestowed on him the Gospel wherein is guidance and a light, confirming that was (revealed) before it ...

Out of Black Islam

by Valerie G. Lowe When Marie Muhammad-Vaughn rejected Islam, her life took a turn for the worse. Yet today, the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Nation of Islam says she has no regrets. Nine year-old Marie and her sister Lule were excited about their slumber party. The two were celebrating their birthdays together in 1981 at ...


The End of a Buddhist Line

By: Mervyn Mediwake Exhausted, I fell across the bed. For the first time in years, I had done manual labor-shoveling manure in a pig barn. Red blisters decorated my hands. My body ached. I never knew pain could cut to the core of ones soul. A few weeks earlier life had been comfortable in my native land. ...


The Right Way

By: Israel Makhijani, London, England Gurus, Krishna, Rama, and other religions never brought me any happiness. Inside I longed for something which I could not quite put my finger on. I even went to Vaishnav Devi Mandir at Jummu Kashmir, Haji Malang and other holy places to find God, but all to no avail. My increasing unhappiness led ...


Abortion Testimony

A letter from an Atheist woman about abortion: Many say that abortion trauma happens to those who believe in God and they got convicted because of an abortion. The following article is about an atheist who came to realize too late that abortion was murder. WHAT ROE VS. WADE DID TO ME I’m one of millions of women ...


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Jesus is Real

No More A Lesbian – Jesus Changed My Life

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What The Bible Says To Homosexuals
God Delivered
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A Homosexual
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Gay: The Lonely Choice


I Found the Messiah Through Prophecy

My Question I was born in a Jewish home and brought up in the traditions of my people, Israel. In our home the Sabbath was faithfully kept. On Friday night, as the sun went down, my mother would bentchen licht (light the Sabbath candles), and my father would say the Kiddish (prayer for the Sabbath). On ...

Isaac Helmuth

Educated in Rabbinical Schools FOR MANY YEARS Poland was the main European reservoir of Jewish orthodoxy, and had one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. Until shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, it was also an area of great missionary activity. Warsaw was the chief center of Jewish population, and ...

Alan Jay Binger’s Testimony

Alan Binger is a 58 year old Jewish attorney, who grew up in White Plains, New York, a suburb of New York City. He was bar mitzvahed at age 13 at Temple Israel, a conservative synagogue located in White Plains. In 1971, at the age of 19, while he was a student at ...

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Yuppies Before Their Time
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Transfered Jewish Lives
Isaiah Chapter 53
“From Soap in his Mouth to Confession of Faith”


The Roman Catholic Bible has the Answer

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC BIBLE HAS THE ANSWER By Oswald J. Smith, D.D. The book that I hold in my hand is a Roman Catholic Bible. Let us read now from the title page: “The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Translated from the Latin Vulgate. A Revision of the Challoner-Rheims Version, Edited by Catholic ...

A Priest Who Found Christ

History of our Country

Examining What Some of Our
Forefathers Said About God in Our Schools, Courts of Law and Government

Forgotten Faith
First Prayer in Congress


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