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Clergy Comments

I am glad to recommend Evangelist Joseph Cohen for ministry. He is well balanced concerning the Scriptures and a wonderful preacher of the Gospel. Brother Cohen is led by the Holy Spirit as he ministers and prays for the needs of the people, and ministers under a heavy anointing. Our church was tremendously blessed when he came our way.

Pastor Harold Maxey
Evangel Temple
Maplewood, Missouri


Rev. Joseph has been a real blessing to our ministry at Harlem Grace Tabernacle. Several of our members first came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior through Brother Joe’s preaching of the Gospel. Others have been brought to repentance and renewal. Brother Joe has preached at our church several time over the last two years, and also conducted an evangelism workshop. Each time he brings a timely, powerful, anointed word. His passion for Jesus and heart for souls is readily apparent to all. I thank God for being introduced to this man of God and am confident that God will continue to use him for His glory in the coming days.

Pastor Dennis Henderson


The following are some brief testimonies of Pastors
from recent revivals that Rev. Cohen has done:

Rev. Joseph Cohen came to minister at The New Beginning Miracle Fellowship in March 2006. Rev. Joseph ministered the uncompromised Word according to Mark 16:20 with signs and wonders following the preaching and teaching of the Word.

Rev. Joseph is a true evangelist, and we gratefully received the gift as a breath of fresh air. We were encouraged, strengthened, refreshed, and received much confirmation that we are indeed hearing and responding to the direction of the Holy Spirit in this great end time battle.

Many received a healing touch. Rev. Joseph spoke a Word over me in which he declared that God was healing nerve damage. I didn't know that I had this but I did have some symptoms for which I had been standing and believing God for healing. Since that time these symptoms have steadily decreased and are very close to non — existent. I give praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dianne Bregman
Sr. Pastor
New Beginning Miracle Fellowship


Dear Rev. Cohen:

I appreciate your willingness and your desire to come to Newburgh and deliver for us the Word of the Lord. We appreciate the times in the past that you have allowed the Holy Spirit to use you here at Grace Tabernacle and you have blessed our congregation.

In Jesus' Name
Pastor Rickey Cleveland


Jesus Loves You Ministries
Claxton Bay Trinidad
To Evangelist Cohen:

Thank you for coming and sharing your ministry with us. We are tremendously blessed and encouraged. We pray that God will continue to use and bless you as you share the Gospel throughout the nation! God bless!

Pastors Neil & Anna Nandlal


Pastor Chankersingh
Faith Center
San Fernando Trinidad

Brother Cohen always gives us powerful messages from God. He has a very powerful ministry.


Pastor Jonas
Church of God
New Rochelle, New York

Brother Cohen, tremendous meeting in the power of the Holy Spirit. My people were thoroughly blessed.


The Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Keith Elijah Thompson, Bronx Miracle Gospel Tabernacle:

Rev. Joseph Cohen's messages are to encourage the body of Christ and awake the non believers to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. God is a good God and He has His people all over the world who aren't household names ministering His Word. One such man is Rev. Joseph. The message that he preaches is the message of the hour. To those who are Pastors and haven't heard this man of God minister, invite him to your fellowship and you'll know what I'm talking about. I will close by saying Shalom.


From the West Palm Beach, Florida... where Patrick Mercadante is pastor at the Potter's House.

Rev. Cohen's message was both timely and anointed. We saw God move in a very dramatic way. The Lord set people free physically, spiritually, and mentally. One of the many highlights was the response of the children. After the service, many came and put their heads around his waist and hugged him. It seemed as though the Lord was using the message to bring the children to Him. We are anticipating even a greater move of the Holy Spirit, if God wills, Rev. Joseph to return in March.


Peru, NY (1 1/2 hours away from Montreal)
Rev. Dan Elder is Pastor at the Church of God.

We were again blessed to have Rev. Joe Cohen with us. Joe has been with us before, but I can say, Joe preached this time with an anointing that he hasn't had in the past. His prayer support team's work really showed in our 4 meetings. The messages were very timely and needed. The altar calls were blessed! God moved and we saw people set free from the power of the enemy. It's a blessing to know Joe and to have had him with us. We look forward to his return [God willing] next year.


I, Rev. Hernando Ruiz, highly recommend Rev. Joseph Cohen as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has ministered several times in our congregations bringing a message of hope, faith, deliverance and healing. He brings a very doctrinal Christ centered word. Many people from both our churches have been blessed through his ministry. Thank you Brother Cohen for your dedication and faithfulness.

Asst. Pastor in Kearny, NJ
Pastor in Hackensack, NJ


Under our Gospel tent, Evangelist Joseph Cohen ministered 3 nights of Holy Ghost filled, power packed, anointed messages. He brought forth messages in its simplicity, full of wisdom, power and understanding. Many, many souls were blessed, healed and delivered. We thank God for sending Evangelist Cohen to us. He has helped our church to the fullest. We went away rejoicing in the Lord. Thank you Evangelist Cohen!

Bishop Jefferson
Jefferson Temple, N. Bellport, NY

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