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"God Delivered Me from Homosexuality and Healed My Body"

By R.N., Florida

Two years ago I suddenly became very ill and lost a lot of weight. After a series of blood tests, my doctor told me I had either some type of blood cancer or possibly AIDS. For confirmation he ran another series of tests, but I was so afraid to hear the bad news that I never went back.

For nines years I had been living the fast life as a homosexual, going to all the gay bars and bathhouses in Miami. I was lost in a world of perversion; the lust within me had become overpowering.

I knew what I was doing was wrong. Unresolved guilt caused me to feel intense self-hatred, and I attempted suicide several times.

I hadn't always been a homosexual. In fact, I had been married once, and I had done my best to make the marriage work. But when all my efforts failed time after time, I became vulnerable and Satan made the homosexual lifestyle seem so much easier.

Realizing there was an emptiness in my life, I began to search for answers in witchcraft, mind control, tarot cards, and "spiritual advisers" -- but nothing worked.

When the man I had been living with died, I finally decided to give God a try. Every weekday I began to watch Richard Roberts Live and on Sundays I watched Expect a Miracle. Then one day at the end of Richard's program I prayed with Richard and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That day I was finally able to throw away all my occult materials, pornographic magazines, and membership cards to the bars. Where everything else failed, God was victorious. I am living proof that Jesus Christ is alive!

Then I poured out my heart in a long letter to Oral Roberts, telling him everything that had happened and asking him to pray about my blood disease.

Gradually I started gaining weight and feeling better. Then a few months ago when I went back to the doctor, he was surprised to see me still alive. But this time when he ran more blood tests, I wasn't even worried. When he came in with the results, he could hardly believe it. Everything was normal!

Now I'm living my life for Jesus because He is my hope, my strength, and my salvation. I'm a different man and everybody notices it. I've joined a church that's on fire for the Lord and I sing in the choir. I carry a Bible and I'm not ashamed to tell the world what God has done for me. He changed my life. He delivered me from the bonds of homosexuality and healed my body.

God is so good. He has already answered my prayer for a Christian wife and brought a wonderful young lady into my life. We recently became engaged, and we plan to be married when God's timing is right.