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From the Desk of Rev. Cohen

Hello World,

Good morning, afternoon or evening. I hope you'll find our website a blessing. We give God all the Praise, Honor and Glory.

Everyday people are looking for New Hope. Many find it on a temporary basis through people, places and things. In the beginning almost anything new is exciting. Reality is, after awhile the novelty wears off. For the most part people are involved in these things looking to fill the void within. The only way one can fill the void is through having a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is the answer to one's journey. Are you looking for true love, inner peace, contentment and joy? You'll find all those things (plus much more) in Him. He satisfies the heart's desire.

I want to talk about opinions. Everyone has them. The world's system lets only the rich and famous voice them to the masses. Does anybody care what God says? Whether one likes it or not, He has the final say. Some of the topics man talks about, debates and even makes laws about, are in God's Word, the Bible. God gives us His opinion on topics such as sin, Heaven, Hell, abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, religion and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. In the Reading Corner, we have articles concerning all of these subjects.

The Bible, over the centuries, is the best selling book ever. The difference between the Bible and every other religious book is the prophetic. God inspired man to write those things in the Old Testament that were to come. Many of those things written have come to pass in the presence of Jesus Christ. The rest will surely come. In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation reveals to us the future of things to come, such as: the anti-Christ, the 1st and 2nd judgment of mankind, the plagues that are coming on earth, the reign of Jesus on earth, and much more. If you are a person who is looking for a book to read where the author is 100% truthful, read the Holy Bible, Gods Word.

If you're religious, but not right with God, you should take time to view our website. If you do, you'll understand how to get right with God.

Rev. Joseph