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"Rev. Cohen, Brother Rocco, Rev. & 1st Lady Jennings at Faith Covenant in Mt. Vernon, NY. The Jennings are very anointed servants of the Lord. Rev. Cohen just recently started ministering at Faith Covenant. the Lord has ministered mightly in t heir services. Brother Rocco travels extensively with Rev. Cohen. His blowing and teaching about the Shofar (trumpet in Scriptue) has been a blessing.

Rev. Cohen, Pastors Grace & Larry James. Rev. Cohen has ministered for them a good many times. The fire of the Holy Ghost has been present in every meting. They are leaving the Connecticut Area. God is leading them to Texas. Pastor Grace for 30 years has been used mightly by God.

Rev. Cohen, Pastors Mike & Donna Caissie. The Caissies are new in the ministry as Pastors. They are pastoring Grace Faith Assembly in Danbury, CT. The presence and power of God in Rev. Cohens' meetings has brought many to the alter for repentence and renewal.

Rev. Acosta, Rev. Cohen & Sister Acosta. Rev. Cohen has ministered severl times at Jesus Redenstor De Vidas located in West Palm Beach, FL. The Spirit of God brought much freedom & joy into the believers hearts. People were weeping as the anointing bought forth a powerful presence of God. the church is very on fire for God with many youth in attendance.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor Navin &Tracia Nandlal. Pastor Navin comes from a very dynamic music family. At one time they ministered all over the Island of Trinidad. Pastor Navin's dad pastors there. Pastor Navin founded New Song Worship Ministries in Warminster, PA. The church is 16 years old and growing.

Rev Cohen & Pastor Hoyt who Pastors Living springs Christian Fellowship in Seymour Ct. For the last couple of years Rev. Cohen has been ministering at the Men's Fellowship. Any church who prays for Israel and loves the Jewish people as they do gets extra favor from the Lord Genesis 12:3

"Rev. cohen with Pastor Debra and her husban Elder Morris after a highly anointed Holy Ghost meeting. God's presence and power brought break throughs as Rev. Cohen was bringing forth the Word. They pastor the Church of the Living God in Yonkers, NY."

"Pastor Ramdanni and Rev. Cohen after a highly anointed service at New Life Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. Rev. Cohen has been ministering there for 5 years."

"Brother Rocco, Pastor Citronnelli and Rev. Cohen at Word Healing International. Brother Rocco has beeen ministering with Rev. Cohen for 9 years. He blows the Shofar and it causes the enemy to scatter. This particular service was Holy Ghost filled. After preaching a powerful message Rev. Cohen ministered in the gifts of healing, word of knowledge, and the prophetic. The service lasted 4 1/2 hours."

Rev. Cohen with some of the men that came to the Empire State Men's Advance in Silver Bay, NY. FGBMFI for 33 years has held these meetings. Men mostly from the New England States attended. Rev. Cohen was the key note speaker. Brother Lindner (2nd from left) and Doc Quinlan (2nd from right) are the directors.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor and Sister Garcia Rev. Garcia pastors Christian Assembly Pentecostal Church in the lower east side of Manhattan, the Church originally.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor & Sister Poggie; They met in San Diego at their annual fellowship meeting. Pastor invited Rev. Cohen to come to Port Charlette, FL to speak. In the service there was a powerful move of God.

Rev. Cohen with Brother & Sister Walters after a meeting in Ft. Myers, FL. Brother Walters is president of the FGBMFI Chapter there. Through testimonies God has used this world wide ministry for over 50 years to lead an untold amount to Christ. Rev. Cohen shared his testimony.

Rev. Cohen & Pastors Bernadette & Mark Kimball. The Kimball's are very anointed, and Pastors of The Word of Life Covenant Church in Cranston, Rhode Island. The congregation was blessed by the presence of God, and the move of the Holy Spirit in peoples lives was awesome.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor & Sister Maxey. Pastor's Maxey's Fellowship, Evangel Temple is located in Maplewood, Missouri. Rev. Cohen under a heavy anointing from God, ministered in 2 services. The word of God went forward in power. The saints were strengthened and encouraged.

Pastor Williams & Rev. Cohen. Rev. Cohen was blessed by all the love the brethren showed to one another. Good Ground Family Church which is located in Cohes, NY is surely Blessed to have Pastor Williams as their Pastor. He is a humble man, full of love and knowledge of the word.

Pastor Garner & Rev. Cohen have known each other for many years. Rev. Garner is a seasoned Pastor. The fellowship has an outstanding music ministry. The Redeemed Church of Christ is located in Mt. Vernon, NY. A great body of believers to fellowship with.

Brother Cohen, First Lady and Elder Hughes Elder Hughes pastors Bronx Church of God In Christ. They have known each other over 25 years. There was no heat that day, but the congregation got warm when the Holy Ghost fell.

Rev. Cohen, 1st Lady and Bishop Francis. Bishop pastors Faith Gospel Tabernacle in Irvington, NJ. Rev. Cohen, God willing will be going back this year.

Rev. Cohen, Bishop and 1st lady Gibbs. Bishop pastors The Church of God in New Rochelle, NY Rev. Cohen has spoken there several times. Bishop is from Greneda where Rev. Cohen has ministered.

Rev. Cohen and Bishop Cummings who pastors Restoration Temple in Brooklyn, NY. Bishop Cummings has a meeting every Thursday. Rev. Cohen ministered under the power of the Holy Ghost one Thursday. They have a vision to add a second floor.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor and 1st Lady Souvenir. Rev. Cohen ministered 4 meetings at Faith Deliverance Tabernacle in Yonkers, NY The presence of the Holy Spirit was powerful. The people were encouraged and blessed.

Rev.Cohen with 1st Lady and Elder Hughes.Elder Hughes Pastor's The Bronx Church Of God in Christ.Rev Cohen has known the Hughes for over twenty years.The day Rev. Cohen came to minister the boiler broke.After about 20 minuets of worshipping the Lord the Holy Spirit filled the sanctuary with his prsence.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor and Sister Balkaran after a service at New Life Deliverance Center in Philadelphia, PA. Their ministry is located in an area full of worldliness (A place where Jesus would spend lots of time ministering the word of God). God brought an encouraging word to his people through my preaching. The presence of Holy Spirit was very powerful.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor and Mrs. Leslie — Pastor Leslie is located in Pitman, NJ. Rev. Cohen was well received and was told by many that the message was just what they needed to hear.

Rev. Cohen & Pastor Neil and Anna Nandel — Pastor Nandel lives in Trinidad. The church is called Jesus Loves You Ministry. It is located in Claxton Bay. Rev. Cohen has ministered there often. This picture was taken in Scarsdale, NY during the Nandel's vacation.

--> Rev. Cohen along with Rev. Kabuya Masanka — Rev. Cohen just finished 4 powerful Holy Ghost filled services. God moved in a mighty way. All his sermons Confirmed what Rev. Kabuya has been preaching in the past year. This French church Communaute Evangelique de Pente Cote is located downtown Montreal, Quebec.

Rev. Cohen, Bishop and 1st Lady Frith — Bishop has a powerful ministry located in Bronx, NY. His fellowship is the family of Christ Church of God. They also have a Bible School and Bishop has a radio program. The Holy Spirit moves very powerfully In their services.

Pastor Bregman & Rev. Cohen — at New Beginning Miracle Fellowship in Morrisville, Vt. Rev. Cohen just finished 3 heaven on earth services. The presence of God was awesome. People had physical and emotional healings. Rev. Cohen's sermons were what Pastor Bregman has been teaching.

Pastor Roberts and Rev. Cohen — at Ramah Christian Center located in the Bronx. The movement of God has been awesome the times Rev. Cohen has spoken at Rama Christian Center. The music ministry is dynamic. A very powerful body of believers fellowship at Ramah.

In San Diego, CA. Rev. Ekeroth is the Director of The Assemblies of God International Fellowship Headquarters in San Diego. Rev. Cohen has been with the fellowship since 1988. He was one of the speakers at the January conference.

They pastor True Worshippers Evangelistic Center in Arouca, Trinidad. Besides pastoring they oversee 2 other churches. The meeting I had was so powerful, that Pastor Victor asked me to do a weeks worth of meetings the next time I go to Trinidad.

Pastor Rambarack pastors Love Jesus Assembly in San Raphael, Trinidad. San Raphael is in the country. Pastor is building a new church on his 17 acres land. Many children attend the fellowship. He was my host pastor on my last trip to Trinidad.

Pastor Gadramgingh pastors I Care Christian Center in Saspirillo, Trinidad. Pastor Gadramgingh has been pastoring a long time. He has a radio program airing 3 times a week. Rev. Cohen has ministered here before. They had a very powerful meeting. A man came to Jesus, and many rededications to the Lord.

Pastor Judy pastors Greater Love Christian Center in Cova, Trinidad. God provided their fellowship with a tremendous amount of property at a very low price. Pastor Karin has a great vision for it. The church has many youth on fire for God.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor Ball at the Rose of Sharon Community Church in Plainfield, NJ. Pastor Ball loves the sound of the shofar. When Rev. Cohen ministers at the Rose of Sharon, Brother Rocco comes and blows the shofar. Pastors are now getting shofars and learning how to sound them.

Rev. Cohen, Elder, and Sister Adamson. Elder Adamson pastors Gospel Tabernacle. Before becoming pastor, Elder Adamson attended the church for some years. There's a sweet anointing in this fellowship.

Rev. Cohen and Elder Brown. In Asbury Park, NJ, Elder Brown pastors The Sound of Praise. When Rev. Cohen goes to South Jersey, Elder Brown has him speak. The church is vibrant and prayerful in God.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor & Sister Henderson. Rev. Henderson pastors at Harlem Gospel Tabernacle in Harlem, NY. If you're looking for a home church that walks in love, Harlem Tabernacle is the place. Rev. Cohen looks forward to ministering to God's people at this fellowship.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor Dan Mariano. Pastor Mariano has been pastoring Parkway Assembly of God in Norwalk, CT for many years. He is a highly anointed sought, after speaker.

Minister Drew and Rev. Cohen at Israel of the Nations in Norwalk, CT. This Hebrew/Christian fellowship is fairly new. Brother Drew, although not Jewish, is very knowledgeable in the Jewish customs, traditions and festivals. He also speaks Hebrew.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor & Sister Nelson at Casade Oracion Norva Canaan in Kearny, NJ. Pastor Ceasar and Pastor Hernando came out from Casade Oracion. Pastor Nelson is their overseer. Rev. Cohen enjoys ministering in those three fellowships very much.

Rev. Cohen, Pastor & Sister Ceasar. Pastor Ceasar has a very powerful church, New Canaan Christian Center, in Wharton, N.J. Rev. Cohen ministers there quite often.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor Hernando at Central Christian Adoracion in Hackensac, N.J. Rev. Cohen ministers quite often in Spanish — speaking churches. Pastor Hernando has him come at least twice a year.

Rev. George and Sister Karen Hokenberry invited Rev. Cohen to come to Johnstown, PA for a couple of meetings. Rev. George and his wife, Karen, are a powerful witness to many bikers. They are in the Christian Bikers Association. The meetings were very successful.

Minister Benjamin Bennett, Rev. Cohen and Chaplain Ed Bull in Johnstown, PA. Rev. Cohen and associates had two powerful meetings in which many were physically healed.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor Banfield before Rev. Cohen preached at Holiness Revival Ministries in Woodbrook, Trinidad. The music ministry's anointing brings the presence of God into the service very quickly.

Brother Phillip Lowe along with Rev. Cohen on his property in Trinidad. Phillip and Bro. Cohen have been friends since the first time out went to Trinidad. Phillip loves the Lord and is a very successful businessman. His Chinese food is Rev. Cohen's favorite.

Rev. Cohen with four of his dear friends in Montreal. Rev. Cohen met them over 15 years ago, when he started to minister in Montreal. They have opened up their homes to him. Standing Alan Michie, Minister Ed Bull (who on occasion travels with Rev. Cohen); Bud Mignault, and Peter Gregory.

Rev. Cohen along with his pastor, Gary and his wife, Marilyn Stafford. Pastor Gary is the Senior Pastor at the Master's Hand Christian Fellowship in New Rochelle, NY. They have known each other over 25 years.

Rev. Cohen with Amy and her mother Tara in Claxton Bay, Trinidad. Rev. Cohen preached four services at their church. They attended all the meetings.

Rev. Ed Maurer is the foster brother of Rev. Morris Cerullo. Ed has ministered all over the world and started the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Then he opened both the Queens & Newark Tabernacle. Rev. Maurer lives in Queens. He was responsible for setting up the meetings for Rev. Cohen's third trip to Trinidad. Rev. Maurer has been to Trinidad over 25 times.

Brother Rex, Minister Victor, Brother Vishnu and Rev. Cohen. Brother Rex is President of the San Fernando Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship. Minister Victor was invited to share his testimony. Three years before this picture was taken, Vishnu spoke to Rev. Cohen about being his driver when he came again. He kept his word and drove Rev. Cohen and Minister Victor to where they had to go most of the ten days they were in Trinidad.

Rev. Cohen and Minister Cucolo, Jr. at a home in Couva, Trinidad. Minister Cucolo just finished sharing his testimony with a women's group. Much prayer with results followed.

Rev. Cohen and Pastor John Gould. Rev. Cohen has known Pastor John for over 25 years. John pastors Calvary Center in Yonkers, NY. The anointing and presence of God is very strong in his fellowship.

Rev. Cohen with Helen in her home in LaSalle, Quebec. Helen has a weekly radio broadcast called "Helen's Kitchen". Whenever Rev. Cohen goes to Montreal, she has him on her show.

Rev. Cohen and Minister Benjamin Bennett. Minister Benjamin has traveled with Rev. Cohen and been used by God in his meetings. This picture was New Year's Eve in a home where Rev. Cohen was asked to speak.

Rev. & Sister Williams. Rev. Cohen has ministered for Rev. Williams the last three years. Besides the church, there is a Christian School, Calvary Assembly of God in Yonkers, NY.

Pastors Gerald and Susan Nikirk, founders of Vine Training Worship Center in Connecticut. Rev. Cohen brought the Word that was exactly what the church needed to hear. Pastor Susan conveyed that to him. Pastor Susan is also a Jewish believer.

Standing next to Rev. Cohen is Pastor Frank with Brother Gastone. Picture was taken in Port of Spain, Trinidad. While ministering in Montreal, Brother Gastone (who now lives in Trinidad) recommended Rev. Cohen to Pastor Frank to preach in Trinidad. Pastor Frank invited Rev. Cohen down for his first visit to Trinidad.

Bishop and First Lady McCrorey, Jr. - Bishop pastors Greater Joy Mission Church of Deliverance in Hartford, CT. Rev. Cohen has been ministering for Bishop the last four years.

Pastor Vincent & Pastor Huff — with Rev. Cohen. They co-pastor The Vision of Promise in Lakewood, NJ.

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