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Articles Written by Rev. Joseph Cohen

Seasonal Thoughts
Read Rev. Joseph's Testimony!
Where Is Our Country Going?
Symbols or no Symbols, Is That The Real Issue?
God and the Bible vs. Religion and Tradition
Children, Things We Throw Away?
Whose Land Is It? The Jews, Palestinians, or Both?
Be Not Deceived Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are REAL!


I walked through hell


Don't be left behind


What Does the Koran Say About The Bible and Jesus
Out of Black Islam
Nation of Islam


The End of a Buddhist Line


The Right Way


Testimony of an Atheist's Abortion


Free At Last
Jesus is Real

No More A Lesbian - Jesus Changed My Life

I was delivered from lesbianism
When a loved one says I gay
What The Bible Says To Homosexuals
God Delivered Me From Homosexuality
A Homosexual Finds Jesus
Gay: The Lonely Choice


I found the Messiah through prophecy
Testimony of a young man coming to Jesus through prophecy
Amazing Story of Leona Straus
How a Rabbi Found Peace
Rabbi Dr. T. Tirschtiegel
A Former Rabbi's Testimony
Isaac Helmuth
Iechiel Lichtenstein
Yuppies Before Their Time 
How Jesus Made Me Kosher
Transfered Jewish Lives
Isaiah Chapter 53
"From Soap in his Mouth to Confession of Faith"
Alan Binger's Testimony


The Roman Catholic Bible Has the Answer
A Priest Who Found Christ

History of our Country

Examining What Some of Our Forefathers Said About God in Our Schools, Courts of Law and Government 
Forgotten Faith
First Prayer in Congress


Spiritual Vitamins
Emergency phone numbers
Noah's Ark
Powerful message for all the world