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Spiritual Vitamens for November

A - Admit      If you've wronged somebody, admit it to them, say you're sorry and ask for their forgiveness. Confess your sins to God. Ask Him to give you strength to have victory in the area where you have fallen.

B - Better      God says it's better to give and serve than be self centered and not help others. The more you give of your time, talent, effort and finances (to the kingdom) the better off you'll be.

C - Cast      God doesn't want us to have worry, fear and be discouraged. He knows How much more evil this world will get. He says cast all your cares upon Him, for he cares for you.

D - Don't      Don't quit, God will see you through. With God it's always to early to quit.

E - Enjoy      Enjoy Jesus each day. Get into His presence. His presence will bring you Joy. The joy will cause you to enjoy Him, yourself, and others.

K - Know      Know for yourself that God's love passes all human understanding. Nothing Or no one can separate you from the love of God if you're in Christ Jesus.