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                                                                              March 2019
Dear Saints,

In the last letter Rev. Benjamin wonderfully described God’s love. He mentioned February 14 as different from other days. Love is shown to those they honor. With God, everyday He demonstrates his love to all, the just (believers) and the unjust (non-believers). God for centuries (through His prophets) told the world that He was going to put into action the death of His only son, so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have eternal life. Throughout Scripture God tells what he is going to do. On the day Jesus hung on the cross, it was more painful to Him than all the sins He sees every day. God allowed mankind to murder his only son, and put our sins on his body. For the first time ever God was separated from his son, because of our sin “for he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him” 2Cor. 5:21. God sent His son on a mission and Jesus obeyed. February 14 could only happen because people did something. God expects every believer to fulfill His mission. “And He said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”, MK 16:15.

March 17 is another day of celebration, especially for the Irish. However, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, he was Welsh and his name was Maewyn Succat. He lived in Britain when he was abducted by pirates. He was brought to Ireland and sold as a slave. During his six years there he learned their language, customs and came to faith in Jesus. One night God gave him a dream. In it He said to board a ship 200 miles away, which would bring him back home. He obeyed. A few years later he had another dream. The Lord spoke to him to go back and preach the Word of God. Ireland at that time was a pagan nation. He again obeyed and this time went under the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. Maewyn was used mightily by the Lord to convert most of Ireland. His bleakness at first had (as it looked bleak for humanity when Jesus died on the cross) turned into victory for the people, (as did Jesus’ resurrection). So will our bleakness turn to victory.

They both accomplished their mission. WHAT ABOUT YOU? New Hope is bringing Good News at home and abroad. March 13-23 I’ll be going to Trinidad, I covet your prayers. We’ve done this with the help of others, for over thirty years; preaching in churches, prisons, open air meetings; printing monthly Bible-based letters; bringing the gospel on radio, TV and over the internet. At the present time the TV shows are shown every day somewhere in NY and CT. We now have a You Tube Channel. Watch some powerful testimonies: David Berkowitz, murderer (former son of Sam, now son of Hope). He’s been Born–Again for 30 years. Dean Braxton (died on the operating table) went to heaven and was sent back to tell of his experiences. Robert Inguanzo (healed of 5 diseases, 3 of them were incurable). On computer:; by cell, go to you tube, type in newhopeinthelord. Then, please subscribe; also, on TV Sunday 8:30am EST WZTSF.TV in WV. The radio shows can be heard Friday 5pm EST at; Tuesday at 7pm EST on or by phone 319 527 6080.

The following are thoughts from others about New Hope:

  1. Dear Saints, I look forward with anticipation to Rev. Joseph’s monthly letter. In fact, I enjoy them so much, I keep all of them. His writings are a lighthouse shinning like a beacon to those who are in turbulent seas, needing faith in the dark. He brings an example of the awesome power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, please keep the light shining - Matthew, New Rochelle, NY.
  2. The Scriptures in his letters line up with what’s going on in this fallen world. They’ve strengthened and encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. Your letters on taking daily communion are so awesome; I make copies and pass them out. Thank you, Rev. Joseph for sharing these testimonies of miracles happening while people took communion. Every month I look forward to your letters. – Susie, Charlotte, NC.
  3. Thank you for your services, the letters always speak about something the Holy Spirit is impressing in me. God Bless you - Anna, Sewell, NJ.
  4. The letters are a blessing! Also, I’m encouraged and so blessed by the TV shows - Connie, Ossining, NY.
  5. For 3 years I’ve been listening regularly to Rev. Joseph’s radio show Omegaman. The teachings are very anointed and revelatory. I especially love partaking in communion. Countless times I’ve been miraculously healed in my mind and body. My spirit has received a fresh touch from God. I’m also enjoying the TV shows on you tube, they’re always very refreshing – Amie, Shawnee, Kansas

For those of you who are partnering with us, you‘re making it possible to do the work God has ordained. You will reap blessings because of the seeds you’ve sown. We’re looking for more partners to help us carry on the Great Commission. Will you help? Please make out your check to The Master’s Hand Christian Fellowship and mail it to the above address or through PayPal to I thank you and you’ll be blessed.

Serving Our King Together,
Rev. Joseph