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                                                                              November 2018
Dear Saints,

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! I trust you had a joyous time with friends and loved ones this past Thanksgiving. As a believer one realizes the price God paid when He sent His only Begotten Son to the cross. Those who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, can't reflect on what we can (His sacrifice). As followers of Jesus, one should be thankful every day, first for their salvation and then for His many blessings.

For over thirty years I've been able to bring a group of believers (on Thanksgiving morning) into a women's prison. Besides Scripture reading, singing, and the Word of God preached, testimonies of hope are given. At the conclusion of the service, the saints gather with the women for prayer. Those who came to Christ are told about their salvation. This year we rejoiced over the fourteen ladies who gave their hearts to Jesus. After the service was over, I was blessed by this testimony of an inmate. "I'm so happy that my paper work did not go through. I was scheduled to be released on Tuesday, and I would've missed this service. I was brought new hope through Jesus Christ which changed my old way of thinking. This was the best Thanksgiving I've ever had."

The following is a testimony from one who came into the institution in a previous year. "When I saw the number of people responding to the call for salvation, I knew it was going to be their greatest Thanksgiving. When I went home my Thanksgiving meal was secondary, for foremost on my mind, were the women who came to Christ. The awesome presence of God, hours before, remained with me the rest of the day. Nothing is more important than God blotting out their charges of sin and writing their names in the Lamb's Book of Life". The greatest miracle besides the New Birth is the transformation of one's mind, through the working of the Holy Spirit Rm 12:1. That will happen to those women who continue this new journey.

God is a miracle working God. One knows that through the reading of Scriptures. When Jesus fed the five thousand he had five loaves and two fishes. The following is a testimony from a saint who I've known for many years. "On the day we were going to a crusade, I had only a can of tuna, mixed with a can of vegetables, and 16 hamburger buns. Six people ate six sandwiches before we went. The little that was left over I brought with me. At 7pm we got hungry. I did not have enough food, so I asked God to multiply it, as He did the loaves and fishes. After that prayer when putting the tuna on the bread, I saw it wasn't going down. God gave us enough food and rolls to feed not only ten other church members, but also seven who sat next to us. Upon going back to the hotel we ate again. God allowed MANY to eat all day using 1 can of tuna fish, 1 can of mixed vegetables and 16 buns. As the 5 thousand witnessed Jesus' miracle (of multiplication), I also had many witnesses; TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Don't try and figure God out because you can't. He just tells us to trust Him and KNOW that He has your best interest in His heart. Soon the birth of Christ will be celebrated. When the angel came to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby; her answer should've been NO WAY. INSTEAD SHE BELIEVED GOD'S SERVANT, and her MIRACLE HAPPENED. What about you? Don't ever give up believing God for your miracle. Sometimes it's instant, as it was with the tuna, other times it comes as we wait, which Mary had to do. As the Angel brought truth to Mary, so does God Word serve us with His Truth's. The blessings of the Lord are upon you and your families, as you celebrate the birth of our soon coming King. Merry Christmas to you, from myself and the New Hope family.

This is the season of giving. Please keep in mind this ministry, as we are bringing hope to many through our monthly letters, TV and radio programs, and bringing the Word of God in different churches. Please make out your check to the Master's Hand Christian Fellowship.

Please continue to pray for me and New Hope.

Serving Our King Together,
Rev. Joseph