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                                                                              April 2018
Dear Saints,

Happy is the man who trust is in the Lord. Don't ever put your faith and trust solely in man no matter what comes out of their mouth from their heart, how they look or what they do. When Hitler first came into power Germany was in extremely bad shape. In the beginning he did good for the country; he brought back prosperity and people put their faith and trust in him. The enemy is an angel of light and is not going to come as a red little man with a pitchfork in both hands. His words will be as smooth as butter. The anti- Christ for 3 and ½ years will portray this kind of person he will make peace with Israel and then the fruit of his father will come forth , evil the unholy trinity Satan the anti- Christ and the false prophet) One of the most precious gifts that the Lord has given to the body of Christ is the discerning of Spirits. The dragon is someone that should not be taken very lightly. He is the most powerful force of evil in this planet. He is the master of his profession. As Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith so is the devil the author and finisher of every act of evil. He is cunning, shrewd, deceptive, and bold. He is so bold that he thought he could change the mind of Jesus when he tempted him 3 times in the wilderness. But Jesus knew who he was and also the evil one was quoting scripture out of context when Jesus rightly divided the word of Truth, the enemy had to flee.

Saul was the first King of Israel. The Lord wanted his people to allow him to be their king. What they wanted God gave them. He was tall and most likely a handsome man and lost his kingdom when he made an offering (that he wasn't supposed to) to the Lord. When he was asked by Samuel why he did it, his answer was that he feared the people. His focus was on the people rather than God. The people wanted a king so they could be like the other nations, when God said that He wanted a people separate and different from all the nations.

Continuing the subject of outer appearance, Samuel went to Jessie and asked him to bring forth his boys so that one of them would be anointed king for a future time. Here David is a shepherd boy attending the sheep having no clue that one day his DNA would be in the lineage of the future Messiah Jesus Christ, David was the last of the family to be brought before Samuel. Why? Because of his age, his looks, and his occupation.

(What about you) have you allowed Satan to dupe you into believing that Jeremiah 29:11 has passed you by because of your looks, age or occupation (if your still working). If so the father of lies has perpetrated your heart and mind to be out of the will of God believe Jeremiah 29:11; I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, not evil, to give you an expected end (hope and future). have for you Yes, there is a father, who is the god of this world Satan who is the father of lies the truth has never been or ever will be a liar from the beginning. Often you hear in the prayers of saints I decree and declare followed by what it is which is used has the truth of God against our enemy. Well I also decree and declare what I've told you about the dragon is the truth. The difference is he is as a roaring lion for evil and lies but Father God is the ROARING LION of truth and good. Jesus himself was not an attractive man "He had no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him there is no Beauty that we should desire him" Is 53:2c.

In the song We went to the Enemies camp some of the words are He's under my feet He's under my feet, Satan is under my feet" If these words are true the following scripture will be a reality in the life of a child of God. Great peace have they that love thy law (Jesus, He is the fulfilment of the law) and nothing shall offend them Ps 119:165. If you have great peace and nothing offends you then the enemy is in fact under your feet. If not don't sing this song. The only one who can accomplish this, is the one that's living within you, The Holy Spirit. It's all about a change in the reaction to situations that have previously driven you up the wall. It all depends on ones will and a renewed mind. God wants his children to understand that this only can be accomplished through the daily time we spend with Him. The book of Acts shows us this reality. The saint were powerfully anointed, fearless and "loved not their life even unto death" Rev 12:11c. This is the church that the Lord wants to establish. Are we willing to let Him do it? Serving Our King Together

Your prayers are the success of this ministry

Serving Our King Together,
Rev. Joseph