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                                                                              July 2018
Dear Family,

As I'm writing this letter the 4th of July is around the corner. As one knows this day represents freedom. Is freedom without a price? Many might not think about that, as they celebrate with barbecues, fireworks, games etc. There was a price to pay for the thirteen colonies; they had to fight for it. Our founding Fathers, and most of those who signed the declaration of Independence, knew the only way to keep this freedom was by including the principles of God's Word in the Constitution. Every little red school house had the Bible in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as their text book.

Throughout history God's has instituted a perfect plan that will come to pass exactly as he has purposed it. He raises up his creation to fulfill it such as ravens, a whale, a donkey, stars etc.. In the case of men, He uses righteous and unrighteous leaders. God raised up Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon (who eventually ravished Jerusalem) and called him "My Servant" Jer. 27:6. Cyrus king of Persia, (who knew not God) when his spirit was stirred up by God, then realized the Lord God of heaven had given him all the Kingdoms of the earth. He also recognized he was given the task to build the Second Temple.

In 1775 the American Revolutionary War started. On July2, 1776 God led the 2nd Continental Congress voting to separate from British rule. The Declaration of Independence 2 days later came to pass. A new nation was formed, followed by 7 years of war. George Washington (who became America's first president), a God-fearing man, was used to lead his country to victory. History tells of God's intervention when things were bleak. There was no more money left for uniforms food and weapons. George went into prayer, and as he was praying, a messenger came informing him a French Jew, Hayman Solomon, was going to finance the Continental Army. Without this Jewish man financing the war, we would have lost our freedom. Without the greatest Jew, Jesus, dying for our sins, there would be no freedom from eternal damnation.

The only physical war in this nation was the Civil War. God raised up another God fearing man, Abraham Lincoln, who brought freedom from slavery. In all of the above, the price for freedom cost people their lives. The losing of a nation's freedom starts when the Word of God is shunned. The attack against the church intensified in 1947 when the Supreme Court misinterpreted the letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Baptist convention in Danbury CT. In essence, He said there should be no role of the government whatsoever to stifle religious freedom. Separation of Church and State stifle religious freedom. In 1963 another attack came again from the court when prayer was taken out of school. Ten years later more of the same followed when the court legalized abortion. This year the court allowed same-sex marriages along with sports betting. Nine states have legalized the use of marijuana. These decisions and others are like night and day from the founding fathers who were mostly believers.

Socialism (the off spring of humanism) is the enemy of the Bible. It's raising its ugly head up especially in our educational system. As God intervened and raised up Washington and Lincoln, both fearless men, I believe He has raised up another fearless man, President Trump. This country just finished 8 years of a president not friendly to Israel; who supported same sex marriages, and abortion which are an abomination in the sight of God. On the other hand, President Trump, a supporter of Israel, is pro-life and for Biblical marriage. In the hour that we live, I believe those who are Born-Again, their allegiance should not be to a political party. One should vote for candidates who stand for the Word of God. This president is allowing what the founding fathers instituted. He signed a law giving the church the freedom of speech that was suppressed under the former administration. He also signed an order reversing Obama's demand that religious organizations must supply contraceptives and other means that were totally against their moral convictions, or else face a hefty fine. Knowingly or unknowingly our current president is putting into practice the Scriptures that will produce many blessings from the Lord. I will bless those that bless thee (the Jew) and curse those that curse thee Ge. 12:3; Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people Pr. 14:34. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord Ps 33:12a. The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God Ps. 9:17.

You might have negative thoughts about President Trump, but God is working through him. In his short time in office one can see the fruit of his labor, in the economy and foreign policy. He is like you and me, an imperfect person who has his faults. He's honoring God and loves America. Is every decision he makes going to be right? No! Probably he is the most hated president we've ever had. The disrespect for his authority is wide spread. The powers of darkness have penetrated the hearts and minds of people, from all walks of life against him. That will happen to anyone whose principles are from the Word of God. Earlier in the letter, I spoke about King Cyrus, who was raised up by the Lord for His special task and mission. God directed his way, making it possible for the temple to be built. Throughout Christian circles, Trump is recognized as the Cyrus of today. Underneath his leadership God's judgement (I believe) is being delayed. As the church repents of her fleshy ways and walks in the Spirit, there will be a nationwide revival and a massive harvest of souls. Then the Lord's commission will be fulfilled.

Please pray for me and New Hope.

Serving Our King Together,
Rev. Joseph