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                                                                        May 2017
Dear Family,

As we get closer and closer to the Lord taking out his church, the scripture plainly tells us there will be an increase of evil as in the days of Noah. The minds of the people in his day are as today. Their focus was on the things of the world such as eating, drinking, and marriage without heeding the warnings of God's wrath, Gen. 6:5. As sin in America and the world is escalating, how long can God with hold his judgement? What a shame, out of all the people living in Noah's day, only him and his family escaped the judgement of Almighty God 1Peter 3:20. The warning was not sudden; it was for 120 years (the time it took to finish the ark). For God to destroy the world, the sin of mankind must have been horrific. Also, judgement came to Sodom and Gomorrah where again the only ones to escape were Lot and his two daughters. Who could blame God if he decided to wipe out the world today? As Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the sun" Ecc. 1:9. We thank God for his mercy, grace and patience. Because of Calvary, he is holding back his wrath, so more can be saved.

Once in America, the born-again believer was not a threat to society. The pendulum has swung 180 degrees. To those in power, who promote socialism/liberalism, the followers of Jesus are now the threat and not the answer. Their cause is bringing death and destruction. Sin is running rampant and made legal by unbelieving politicians and judges. What you see today in the newspapers, magazines, TV etc., wouldn't have been allowed when the Bible was cherished. At one time the Bible was accepted by the masses as the Word of God, which showed God's love, forgiveness and acceptance. Many movies, violent video games etc. are conditioning the youth in a negative way. Ivy League universities which were founded on the Word of God now disregard it. In many Bible Colleges the power of God was active as in the book of Acts. Today it hardly exists and much teaching is erroneous. Some are teaching replacement theology, which teaches God has forsaken the nation of Israel and the church has taken its place. Some denominations have pastors who aren't saved promoting homosexuality and abortion. No wonder unsaved people are confused.

Trouble spots in the world are heating up causing fear to grip the hearts of many. Weather patterns are becoming increasingly more destructive Mt. 24:7. The hour we're living in is getting darker and darker. These signs one is seeing, should cause one to spend more quality time with the Lord. For those of you who got last month's letter, the end of it focused on God fighting our battles. Believing this, should remove any fear that might be in your heart. We live in a busy society and much of ones thinking is focused on problems and the situations I've previously described. I'd suggest focusing on the bigness of your God, and let him fight your battles. The following is not even a dot of His bigness.

There are those who spend a lifetime studying the different facets of God's creation such as the plant and animal kingdom. Those doing this, see the intricate design of the master's creation. God spoke the world into existence in 6 days. He could have done it all at once. The Lord could have said, "Everything come into existence and it would've happened. He made something out of nothing, JUST THINK ABOUT THAT. My thinking (about God not doing it all at once) is that he was showing his patience and how he wants us to operate in it. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises Heb. 6:12. As for his knowledge, he is omniscient (all knowing). He knew before the world existed the exact amount of humans that would populate the earth and how long each would live, Ps. 139:16. "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them". Meditate on this; God knows the exact amount of snow that will cover the earth and no two snowflakes are alike. God will never forget you. Don't let fear you're your heart because of what's happening in America and the world. Just trust and praise him, he'll bring you through.

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Rev. Joseph