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                                                                              January 2019
Dear Saints,

Another Christmas has come and gone. People spend lots of money time purchasing gifts. The greatest gift that could ever be purchased happened at the cross 2000 years ago. Jesus became the sacrificial lamb which Isaiah prophesied in Is 53:7. The shepherds were the first to witness His birth; they didn't bring any gifts. When they left, they brought to the world the gift of salvation. It's no different 2000 years later. The same message is the best gift that could be given. His birth put the wheels in motion for God's plan of salvation, John 3:16.

As we enter into the New Year, I have a sense there's going to be a great supernatural move of God. There has been revival in certain sections of the country. If 2 Chronicles 7:14 (repentance) takes place throughout the body of Christ, I believe it will spark a revival throughout our land. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit will increase with signs wonders and miracles. In the midst of persecution, the church in the book of Acts experienced that. The Lord is no respecter of people. He did it back then, and He's going to do it for us. Our current president has lessened the attack on the church. I believe that God's grace is on the body of Christ in America. If the next election outcome is different, then I believe the attacks (persecution) will increase.

Many have come to faith in the Lord due to the miraculous hand of God. Even before the birth of Christ, God's working of miracles caused non-believers to tremble. They knew it was done by Almighty God. When the spies came to Rehab's home, she told them the fear of their God came upon her people. They heard how He parted the Red Sea and brought his people to safety. When Nehemiah rebuilt the gates and walls in Jerusalem in 52 days, it was a miracle. All Israel's “enemies heard of this feat and perceived that this work was wrought of our God” Ne. 6:16.

Hopefully, the following testimonies of miracles will help build up your faith: (1) I fell down in the dark 17 steps into a basement. When my head hit the concrete wall, I saw a bolt of lightning. My eye missed a protruding part of the wall by an inch. The miracle was I did not fall straight down, if I did, I could have been seriously or permanently injured or even died. Until I went down to the bottom step, my angels continuously had me bounce off the wall until the last step. I thank God what occurred was just a broken shoulder- Rev. Joseph, Valhalla, NY.

(2) I bought a Mio fruit punch liquid water enhancer. It's 1.62 0z. After a couple of weeks or so, I realized the liquid kept coming out. It should have been empty. The miracle is, it kept on coming out the whole summer- JoAnne, NY, NY. (3) My furnace stopped because it ran out of fuel. It was very cold, so I went to bed covered with many blankets. Around mid-night I woke up to a miracle, I heard the furnace starting. Heat miraculously came forth. After it started, I turned off the furnace in hope that I wouldn't have the tedious task of bleeding the air out of the line. Thank God the next morning after they delivered the fuel it started right up. There's no way this should have happened without bleeding the line. This also was a miracle - Roger Metzger, Plattsburgh, NY.

(4) Bill was dying of cancer, and hadn't eaten for 3 months. The doctors removed 70 lymph nodes and his thyroid. HE HAD NO HOPE. I and a couple of other brothers went to the hospital and we prayed. The miracle is he is now cancer free. Bill attended my daughter's wedding and ate as though he had never been sick- Joe Pinto, Harrison, NY. (5) My son purchased a new vehicle, and was selling the old one for a thousand dollars. Several offers of cash were given. The money would have come in handy, as he was saving to build a house. However, instead he gave it away to a family friend, in desperate need of a truck. He went to the bank asking for a loan. Ben was told he needed $20,000 more in assets for collateral. Six months later the miracle occurred. A man in another state (whom he knew) asked him to help him move. Ben did so, and was shocked when he unexpectedly was given a new Ford Explorer. He now had the collateral to get his loan. This past June, they moved into their new home- Regina, Morrisville, VT.

You've just read of 5 different impossible situations. With God working in the midst, He brought forth the miraculous to bless his people and bring glory to Himself. Start thanking God by faith for your miracle this year.

Have a Blessed, Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Serving Our King Together,
Rev. Joseph